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the alaska and california sites to defend against an iranian launch anywhere in the united states and from any point of launch iran. i checked with the pentagon today and they said that that is correct, but they have the capability now, and that the european and paul and czech would have made it a stronger capability but that we still have it now. >> there is an argument, but there are three important issues that we need to address in trying to grapple with that. the first is the argument of shooting from alaska. we do not have to shoot from europe. we can handle that intuitively among ourselves. if you and i both have packages to send iran and i'm going to send my from europe and you were going to send from alaska, i think we can all agree that i am more likely to get there before you are. that is the system that he does scrapped. the second thing is that the president just cut, by $1.2 billion, eliminating a third of the missile field in alaska. there were 30 missiles scheduled to go up there. while this administration is on a spending spree in every other category, while we have north k
by the cato institute. on the side of the alaska, cato has been one of the most important institutions devoted to depending and promoting individual liberty, limited government and free markets. i learned a lot from qaeda. when communism collapsed and we were finally free to travel to the western world, we found many friends here. i remember my first meeting and many of their collaborators not long after the revolution. as i mentioned, i was pleased that kato published a book, the rebirth of liberty more than 10 years ago as a side remark, i saw that the book is sold their. it is irrelevant. i discovered that it sold elsewhere. it really demonstrates that. it is good to know. it may be surprising for some of you, but the fall of communism remains to be a rather controversial topic, at least in our part of the world. there are several competing interpretations. both the fall of communism and of the following radical restructuring of our society. we have to live with the fact that there does not exist, any generally accepted theory on the subject. another point is that i am personally not happy
and you would have had alaska. by eliminating the european option -- but they cut that by a third in the budget. $1.2billion out of the budget and reduced alaska's capability by a third. so for this administration to say oh, we have alaska, they just cut it by a third. so if you get rid of europe, if you diminish alaska and say we're just going to do ships, you could have done some of that already. you really have made it more difficult to protect the united states. here's the bottom line, regardless of what system that you like versus what other system someone else likes, the administration by their own website says that there would not be available by 2020 if the pentagon stretches it out and says that the other system would have been 2017, it's still sooner. i believe it was available 2013, 2014. all the intelligence seems to that i ran could have capability by 2015. >> what's the compromise proposal? where does this system have to go as far as you're concerned? what's the next step? >> well, i think the administration needs to reverse its decision because it hasn't even come f
to folks in alaska than it does to most folks in the lower 48. that explanation coming up. (announcer) we understand. you want faster ground shipping. >>> sarah palin's new book is called "going rogue," which is exactly the language she used to disparage one lifelong service agent in alaska in the sarah scandal. she is the gift that keeps on giving. >>> first our holy mackerel story. there are about 6.8 billion people in the world. one out of every 12 million of them is a customer of china mobile, the china-run cell phone company. if you only count the people in the world who have cell phones, one in eight of those are a customer of china mobile. on the occasion of this week's 60th anniversary of the founder of the people's republic of china, china mobile has done a little something for their many, many customers. when you call someone from your china mobile cell phone now, instead of hearing this sound -- [ telephone ringing ] instead of hearing that normal phone ringing sound, china mobile customers now hear this -- ♪ they have changed all 500 million of their phones so that the norma
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of snow. >> repeat the question. john: name a state known for getting lots of snow. >> alaska. [buzzer] john: ok. all righty. ok. time ran out, but that's ok. you have a partner for that. an occasion that women look forward to much more than men do. you said a wedding. all right. survey said... yeah. all right. good. very good. good start. something that's associated with ballet. you said the ballet shoes. survey said... oh! now, that's surprising. that's a good answer. i'm surprised that wasn't said more of. on a scale of 1 to 10, how intelligent are most politicians? you said 50%. [chuckles] survey said... [buzzer] no, no, no, no, no, no. on a scale known for-- excuse me. name a state known for getting lots of snow. you said alaska. survey said... yeah. all right. and finally, name a fruit with lots of seeds. that was the question we never got to. you didn't give an answer, so there are no points, but that's all right. you have a partner for this. we'll clear the board. ok. kim is here. zakiya only got you 32 points, all right, so 168 are going to have to come from you before we can
with a personal visit with 16 conservative democratic senators today. one of them, mark begich of alaska, will join us thrive hour to tell us how that all went. but we begin tonight with what could fairly be judged as a distraction from the president's health care message last night, but it is a distraction that's also turning out to be a very clarifying look at american politics. the south carolina republican congressman joe wilson, who yelled "you lie" at the president in the middle of his address to congress last night, today felt himself on the receiving end of support and congratulations for that outburst. while many of his republican colleagues in congress express their disapproval of what congressman wilson did, a steady stream of well-wishers descended upon the congressman's office in d.c. today to say quite the opposite. among them were radical anti-abortion activist randall terry and members of the montgomery, alabama, tea party patriots. congressman wilson also found a wealth of support from conservative outposts on the online machines. today, the conservative website palmetto
service, the rangers who helped us from the gates of the arctic in northern alaska to the dry tortugas off the florida keys, from hawaii volcanoes, to acadia in maine. they have been tremendous servants and i would like to thank them. we have been celebrating over the last several days our public lands. there has been an enormous outpouring of support, all across the country in more than 200 of the 391 sites of the national park service. citizens have been turning out and by the hundreds and by the thousands, to celebrate not just the initiation of this film, but our love of these public lands, these treasured landscapes, as the secretary of the interior, who has been a great champion of this project would say. it has been an amazing outpouring in a country that is often so distracted by the now that there are so many millions of citizens million -- willing to commit to these public lands in such a meaningful way. we, in turn, try to express some sort of thanks to the national park service for their service to us. we are turning over to them, as of today, all of our research material, the
quitting her day job as alaska governor. >>> and later, the moammar mayham. no place to pinch his tent in the u.s. ahead on "countdown." [ female announcer ] trying to be smart with the family budget? here goes the good old steam. [ pfffft! ] whooa!!!! [ female announcer ] let bounty help... because it cleans the mess with less than the bargain brands. it's thick and absorbent. and really durable. in lab tests bounty absorbs twice as much as the bargain brand. [ steam hisses ] why use more when you can use less? bring it. with bounty. the thick quicker picker-upper. and try bounty napkins. now with new prints. now your card comes with a way to plan for what matters to you. introducing blueprint. blueprint is free and only for chase customers. it lets you choose what purchases you want to pay in full to avoid interest...with full pay. and those you split... you decide how to pay over time. if having a plan matters. chase what matters. >>> still ahead on "countdown," president obama tells the u.n. general assembly he will never apologize for defending the interests in the united states a
? in hong kong, in her first paid speech since quitting her day job as alaska governor. >>> and later, the moammar mayham. no place to pinch his tent in the u.s. ahead on "countdown." access to favorite courses chef's meal with pommes frites perhaps a night at the theater with extra special seats additional hotel night, our treat your world in perfect harmony: priceless look for world on your mastercard to get rewards and offers that matter to you. but a whole panel in creating an anti-aging breakthrough. introducing olay professional pro-x wrinkle protocol. as effective as the leading prescription wrinkle brand. challenge pro-x yourself, we guarantee the results. progressive. call or click today. >>> still ahead on "countdown," president obama tells the u.n. general assembly he will never apologize for defending the interests in the united states and tells other world leaders it's time to step up and not wait for the united states to fix everything. and then, there's gadhafi, already causing problems before he even started his speech. new jersey refused his traveling tent, bedford, n
that group? >>> coming up -- a question of priorities. sarah palin quits her job as governor of alaska. and two months ago the memoir is completed way ahead of schedule. is that the higher calling she was searching for? >>> and later tom delay's tango gets a bit tangled. christian finnegan weighs in on both topics ahead on "countdown." "what do you mean homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods?" "a few inches of water caused all this?" "but i don't even live near the water." what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you. including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $119 a year. for an agent, call the number on your screen. >>> on may 12th, then-governor sarah palin announced her book deal. 2 1/2 months later she left office. and a few days after that she and her family moved to san diego for a month so that palin could crash the book with her collaborator. so in our number two story on the "countdown," as palin's publisher announces her book will be out months ahead of schedule, there is no doubt about how that happened or exactly where the former governo
.org. >>> coming up -- a question of priorities. sarah palin quits her job as governor of alaska. and two months ago the memoir is completed way ahead of schedule. is that the higher calling she was searching for? >>> and later tom delay's tango gets a bit tangled. christian finnegan weighs in on both topics ahead on "countdown." you know me. almost 30 years behind the sports desk has turned me into somebody larger than life, literally. but those days are back-back-back-back-back gone! i'm chris berman, and i lost 41 pounds with nutrisystem. just order nutrisystem for men today to get four weeks of awesome food, and learn how to get three extra weeks free. let's go to the highlights. mike "all i ate was golic bread": down, 51 pounds. don "blue suede" shula: down 32 pounds. dan "glam man" marino: lost 22 pounds. guys, you can do this. you'll get four weeks of satisfying meals, for less than 12 bucks a day. that's 140 rib-sticking meals. my goal was 40 pounds, and look, he could...go...all...the...way! if i can lose the weight, you can lose the weight. that's 105 meals free. call or click now. >>>
. instd, patrick is declaring an emergency. >>> former alaska governor, sarah palin, has given her first overseas speech since leaving office. palin spoke to about 1,000 investors and bankers gathered at a conference in hong kong. those attending said the former vice presidential candidate appeared more moderate. did not attack president obama. and avoided major gaffes. some say palin is laying the ground work for a presidential run in 2012. >>> an exciting discovery from nasa. there's water on the moon. satellites orbiting the moon have detected large amounts of ice in the lunar soil, billions of gallons worth. that's good news for nasa's goal of future space colonies on the moon. exciting information. >>> now, it's time for a look at this morning's weather from around the nation. considerable rain stretches north from texas, to iowa and along the rockies, with snow in higher elevations. thunderstorm from the ohio valley, to virginia. but atlanta will be dry today. it will be sunny and hot in the southwest. breezy and warm in the northeast. >> new yorkers will bask in a high of 84 degre
that could shatter former alaska governor sarah palin's conservative family image. if she chooses to believe what levi johnston is saying. this is "the early show" on cbs. ♪ daisy, daisy sour cream ♪ ♪ fresh and tasty naturally ♪ ♪ so, do a dollop do, do a dollop of daisy ♪ ♪ do a dollop do, do a dollop of daisy ♪ ♪ do a dollop do, do a dollop of daisy ♪ so, what's the problem? these are hot. we're shipping 'em everywhere. but we can't predict our shipping costs. dallas. detroit. different rates. well with us, it's the same flat rate. same flat rate. boston. boise? same flat rate. alabama. alaska? with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. dude's good. dude's real good. dudes. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. >>> do you have a family member going to college this fall is this they may have a surprise roommate, the h1n1 virus. more than half of the colleges and universities keeping track are already reporting infected stude
. most likely in alaska. you know that ticket will be expensive, too. >> it is getting cheaper because winter is coming soon to alaska. i don't know -- >> in she waits until december she can get a really good deal. >> january-february time frames, that's when it is cheap flights to alaska. >> but right here, beautiful. >> nice day we have on tap. anything you want do outside. sitting around and relaxing, taking in the saturday sunshine we have on the way. it will be a beautiful outdoor weather weekend. make your plans without fear or hesitation from me this afternoon. going outside this morning. our predawn sky. we have a very clear start to our saturday morning out there. temperatures are a little on the cool side. nice salmon, alaska salmon color to our sky this morning. a little bit of blue as well. 65 is our downtown temperature. dew point temperature is 56 degrees. any time that number is below 60, it will be a very comfortable humidity day. light northeasterly breeze this morning. so far september has been two degrees cooler than average for the entirety of the month. looks like
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me a popular cruise ship destination. you're there first, jennifer. >> alaska. john: alaska. show me alaska. no, not there. charisse. >> the caribbean. john: the caribbean. show me the caribbean. you got it! you got it! oh! [cheers] john: oh. oh, it was a good answer. >> it was nice meeting you. john: you, as well. chad, thank you. good answer. good answer. thank you, matt. all right, "fast money." kim and zakiya are back. yeah, come on around. where are you? hug me now. >> oh! john: all right. $17,000 is in their bank account. they get another shot at "fast money." they've won it before. let's see if they can do it a second time. ["family feud" theme plays] announcer: we're looking for fun families to be on "family feud" and possibly win $30,000 and a brand-new car. if you and your family live in, or are planning to visit los angeles, call this number. you think bleach gets your toilet perfectly clean. fact. bleach doesn't get rid of stains, it just whitens them. with this stain-revealing dye you can see the stains bleach leaves behind. lysol power toilet bowl cleaner removes stains
need have a host on their from alaska public radio. they have a host this from alaska public radio on your program, which is shameless. host: "obama cannot afford to put afghanistan on the back burner." here is the thesis, she writes, "the president wants to postpone a full-scale debate until congress passes health care reform. unfortunately, afghanistan will not wait on health care. a debate on the direction of his afghan policy is already brewing, especially over whether to send more troops. yet this debate is being conducted in a vacuum. the president has laid out his name, to disrupt dismantle and defeat al qaeda, and other extremists in pakistan and afghanistan. administration officials have briefed congress on a list of 50 metric by which to judge whether the policy is succeeding. with the crucial element in the debate is missing -- the president has not resolve the dispute among advisers and within his party over his afghan strategy. " ken, good morning. what you think of president obama as a world leader? caller: a couple of things, real quick. i think they he is on the app
as governor of alaska, sarah palin has reportedly completed work on her memoir. her publisher, harper collins, which signed a multimillion dollar deal with palin, has now moved up the publication date to november 17th, way ahead of the original schedule of spring 2010. the first printing, 1.5 million copies, well -- that will equal the number of the late senator ted kennedy's book. palin's memoir will be 400 pages, and the title "going rogge: an american life" which places liberty and complaining against the mccain campaign that mccain publicly and irresponsibly deviated from the campaign's message. an editor from an evangelical magazine says maybe the book will be inspirational. in any event, a political survey at the gop base still loves palin but many leaders doubt she would be a credible presidential candidate. let's call in talk radio host and huffington post contributor shannyn moore. good evening. >> good evening. >> we don't have advance excerpts yet but the title, some thoughts on that, as well as the release date? >> well, i think it's pretty ironic that she used that as her new tit
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like to have dinner with former alaska dinner sarah palin plan on picking up the tab and a huge one at that. the former republican vice presidential candidate is offering the dinner at an ebay charity auction benefiting a program for wounded veterans. the ten-day auction begins tuesday morning with an opening bid of $25,000. and speaking of paying the tab, alaska taxpayers are on the hook for the cost of palin's resignation. the associated press estimates the state has to send a minimum of $40,000 because of her abrupt departure from office. palin's spokeswoman says the figure is misleading. >>> a massachusetts congressman is considering getting into the race to succeed late senator ted kennedy. steven lynch picked up the paperwork he'll need to run for the seat and says he'll make a final decision over the next week or so. the primary is set for december 8th and the special election january 19th. massachusetts attorney general martha copely was the first to announce her candidacy. >>> university of oregon running back legarrette blount is done for the year after only one game. he i
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rate. same flat rate. boston. boise? same flat rate. alabama. alaska? with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. >> but at the end of the day, we can have the most supportive parents and the best schools and the world, but none of it will make a difference, none of it will matter, unless all of you filled your responsibilities, unless you show up to those schools, unless you pay attention to those teachers, unless you listen to your parents and grandparents and other adults, and put in the hard work it takes to succeed. greta: ok, here is a showstopper. there is hypocrisy in washington, and, yes, it goes both ways. controversy concerning the speech that president obama gave to schools, many republicans were outraged, and the democrats, and they were outraged that the republicans were outraged, but here is the rub. president bush 41 gave a speech in 1991. >> at least nine out of every 10 students should graduate from high school. we should be first in the world. in math and science. we need to regular
candidate and former half term governor of alaska sarah palin delivered a long lecture in hong kong in which she said that the financial crisis could have been avoided if only wall street had had fewer rules. but they had only been able to cut loose a little bit more, let wall street be wall street. nobel prize winning economist paul krugman joins us with his views, i suspect they may be different. >>> but up next, health reform and what is stopping it. laths night we led reports about congressman mike ross of arkansas, the leading blue dog conservative democrat in the house against public option and other health care reform. congressman roth gss got what ld like a way too sweet deal when he shared profits with a drugstore chain. congressman ross still has not responded to our requests to appear on this show, which are absolutely sincere. but we did release statements today attacking propublica telling the arkansas democrat gas set today about the drugstore chain with whom he did he property deal. he said, quote, they're not into politics, they're into running a successful business. my being
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. like privileged visitors to some sacred shrine, alaska took us in and commit as moments with mountains and fjords and tundra, brown bear, elk, moose, whale, steel, puffins and we will never forget. we saw lots of wolves to. in northwestern wyoming, found a second, among the wildlife and wild eruptions of the many stunning otherworldly thermal features. we fell silent and overlook that afforded the view of the inspirational multi-you canyon of the yellowstone and had the sense there that the forces which had created europe were still operating to split the brittle, sometimes call a sounding ground were walking on. a cosmic laboratory of startling beauty and majesty. we come back to this place again and again, and every season and every time of day and night. we of struggle and strained to catch a view of the primeval and reconnect ourselves to the natural world that was our home as dayton duncan likes to say, at the beginning of our dynasts memories of a species. but one glorious moment, a magnificent bison walked out of a cut of steam and to our shot, a refugee of@@@@@@@ @ ,,@ @ @ @ th
to a remote corner of alaska. one of the nation's most unique national parks. home to one of the largest brown bear populations in the world. an amazing piece coming up. >> we have some amazing pictures of these creatures. >>> we begin with the latest two men in colorado and one in new york. arrested overnight, on charges of an alleged terror plot. investigators have new details about how a potential attack may have unfolded and our chief investigative correspondent brian ross joins us with the latest. you were reporting all week about this 24-year-old, a shuttle bus driver outside of denver. he was talking to fbi. now it appears he was lying to the fbi. >> that's exactly right, bill. >> zazi had maintained initially, he had nothing to do with al qaeda. over the course of three days of interrogation the fbi essentially broke him, he admitted that he had gone to pakistan twice for training at an al qaeda camp, learned how to make's explosives. >> they found that laptop computer on september 11th, of this year, and there's also some intercepted text messages, one which read, the wedding cake is
. power on. >>> unemployed and for now lacking a talk show, the ex-governor of alaska repeats her death panel lie as senator chuck grassley blames her on the whole pull the plug on grandma hiss steeria. the number one story, death panel reducts starring sarah palin, plus live bidding. later this afternoon, sarah palin commenting on her comments on death panels, testifying on the chairman and palin posting this on facebook. a great deal of attention was given to my use of death panel, in discussing such ration iing. despite many teams by many in the media to dismiss the phrase as a myth. the fact is that any group of government bureaucrats that makes decisions affecting life or death is essentially a death panelty. roger that. meanwhile, chuck grassley said don't blame him for the whole pull the plug on grandma panic. blame her. >> well, there's another political leader higher up in the hierarchy that used that than i did. and then "the washington post" or some newspaper said something later on about sarah palin. well, sarah palin said that presumably before i said it about the death boa
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cheap. >> well, an alabama woman has won the chance to dine with the former alaska governor with heroining bid in an ebay auction. cathy maple bid $63,500. >> may seem like a hefty amount, for a good cause, stale healthy amount, actually. the proceeds will go to charity, a charity called ride to recovery, which helps wounded veterans in cycling programs. maples owns a defense cracking company. she is on the phone with us now, skype, actually, from huntsville, alabama. okay, ms. maples, the $63,500 question, why did you enter this and what are you going to talk to sarah palin about? >> well, one reason i entered it is because of what you just spoke of, the tried recovery program, and i had a brother that spent 20-plus years in the service and i would like to help these guys that have tried to fight for our freedom. and sometimes i think i would like her political views on things and then at other times, i think just leave politics out of it have a good dinner, a good conversation, because i already know her views, so i know what kind of lady she is. and the morals that she ha
alaska governor? well, if you enough cash, she just might. we'll explain that. >>> also ahead, he's probably a thorn in sarah palin's side. what is levi johnston saying now about her and does anyone care anymore? >>> and he's making our list of number ones, but singer chris brown probably won't like it. that's ahead. pollen. when i really liked to be outside, i did not like suffering from nasal allergy symptoms like congestion. but nasonex relief may i say... bee-utiful! prescription nasonex is proven to help relieve indoor and outdoor nasal allergy symptoms like congestion, runny and itchy nose and sneezing. (announcer) side effects were generally mild and included headache. viral infection, sore throat, nosebleeds and coughing. ask your doctor about symptom relief with nasonex. and save up to $15 off your refills. go to for details, terms and conditions. go to ♪ ♪ i'm cool like that, i'm cool like that ♪ ♪ i'm cool like that [ female announcer ] there's a smarter, cooler way to get your clothes brilliantly clean. and it's a turn for the better.
with the former alaska governor. th woman had the winning bid on ebay. the proceeds go to a veterans group. sarah palin can back out. that's got to make a person feel good. >> what if you cough up $60,000 and she says no. >> no. hopefully this turns out. today, i search for a cloud and couldn't find one. >> i found two. but i'm a trained weather observer. a beautiful day. whether you found one cloud or two, i did not hear any single weather related complaints with the way saturday afternoon went. tomorrow every bit as nice, maybe a tick or two warmer. a beautiful, mostly sunny day on the way. the skies are clear with a fairly light breeze, dry air in place we are going to see our temperatures drop very, very quickly in the overnight hours. after a beautiful day where a high temperature made it to 77, we dropped to 63 this morning. with a clear sky and calm wind our temperature stands at 64 in washington. a lot of our western suburbs dropping back down into the 50s. take a check of it on the map. fairfax county down to 59, m manassa 59. widespread 40-degree readings tomorrow in the western suburbs
wanted to live among bears in the alaska wilderness. >> for 20 years retired scho teacher charlie vandergaw has been living with bears at his alaskan wilderness outpost. >> no the state of alaska is taking him to court, accusing him of illegally baiting bears. "primetime" got a close-up look. >> that's charlie vandergaw, who invited to us to this place he rightly calls bear haven. who is this? has he come here before? >> oh, yeah. they come as cubs and they come back every year. >> reporter: look at this. oh, my god. they're everywhere. now what's this one doing? >> she's just coming to see us. >> reporter: coming over to say hello. >> the older sow is jealous, doesn't want anyone else around me. >> reporter: no matter where you look there are bears, bears on the grass, bears on the deck, bears relaxing, bears fighting. and at the center of it all is charlie, shepherd to a strange but make no mistake about it wild fck. do you still fear them? >> no, i respect them. >> reporter: for many years charlie taught high school science in anchorage but his retirement began here and gra
the coast of alaska " -- and off of a mexico after having a divine revelation. he used a juice can that he claimed as a bomb to hijack the flight. the passengers and crew were unharmed. the date of yesterday's one was believed to be a satanic of number 666 turned upside down. >> the midair collision continues to undergo investigation. a person was airlifted to the hospital from the crash site. the pilot was able to land safely away from the crash site. on the eve of the september 11 anniversary, a plaque is dedicated to the victims of flight 93. it bears the names of all of the passenger members and the crew members killed as they tried to prevent the plane from crashing into the likely targets which was the capital or the white house. the plane crashed in pennsylvania. >> airlines are doing a better job of getting you where you want to go and on time. they are trying to improve on their on-time arrivals from a year ago. alaska airline was the best performer with 82% of its flights arriving on time. eric trend was the worst. -- air tran was the worst. our bloomberg business report is next.
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's resignation with 18 months in august is costing alaska a pretty penny. we're talking at least $170,000 that the state will have to shell out for the mid-term stepdown. that includes $14,000 for a swearing in ceremony for her replacement, $3,000 in moving costs and let's not forget alaska had to pay 100 grand for a special session to approve a new lieutenant governor. >>> a voice of terror unnamed until now. the man some call the american terrorist finally revealed. and the fallout r guards ogne wild is just beginning. thne e dgone the consequences these contractors are facing tonight is next. >>> but first, stay away. one group is landing d.c. on a dubious list. why they say you should tell your family and friends to skip their trip into town this holiday weekend. (announcer) what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like clite change. what if that energy, came from an energy company. every day, chevron invests $62 million in people. in ideas. seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the
in alaska as part of the ongoing construction of a homeland missile defense system reducing the number of interceptors by 1/3. i oppose that move and offered an amendment in the house to restore the funding. unfortunately, the president's cut was sustained by the democratic majority of the house. the administration's record on missile defense at a time when both north korea and iran are seeking nuclear weapons capable of reaching the united states is troubling. this year the administration has cut missile defense by $1.2 billion, reducing by a third our intended west coast shield which would protect us from north korea's advancements and has stopped a european-base system intended to protect the threat from iranian missile threats. in the face of known threats, this administration needs to rededicate itself to the defense of the united states mainland. and now i'd like to recognize become mckeeon, was elected in 1993 -- mckeon, was elected in 1993, has been a leader in ensuring the united states has adequate defense, both that our troops have adequate equipment in their conflicts but a
. >> male narrator: the mountain ranges that rise above the wilderness valleys of alaska and canada's yukon are forbidding. built of jagged rock and ice, these peaks challenge every hunter who dares climb in search of mountain game. this is adventure hunting, where the feat is as much or more important as the kill, where winning is surviving. challenging one's self to battle fatigue and the elements is true success. >> mountains are mental, meaning that they will beat you up, and you will quit if you're not mentally tough. physically, the mountain can't do anything to you. you go as far as you can, then you stop and rest, then you keep going until you need a rest again and keep going. many, many hunters think they're dying because of the discomfort that's involved with climbing a mountain. >> narrator: hiking on foot is the only mode of transportation, and much of this is up, unless it's down, which means there is little level walking. pro jim shockey knows well the challenges of mountain hunting. yukon moose hunting is shockey's forte, and doing it in tough conditions is just part of it. g
you what we know.@ laura: sarah palin leaves alaska for asia and what some are calling her first that towards reprinting herself politically. during the 2008 election if she was widely criticized for lacking international experience. now comes word that she is heading to hong kong to deliver a speech at a global investors' forum. are we reading too much into this or is this the first that? this is a pretty big event and she is speaking at. greenspan and other bigwigs have spoken at it before. >> it is a pretty big list. nobody should turn down a paid trip to hong kong. at the height of her popularity, she has a easy time doing this. whether she has any plans for any kind of political office weather at the capitol in the congress or to run for the white house, she needs to shore up her resonates. this is a good thing for her to travel abroad. she should do as much as she can. energy is her strongest issue. she has challenges in pakistan, north korea, iran. she needs to shore up what she can on her resonate. >> it is interesting to look at her numbers -- in july she had a favorabil
labs and i want to hold on to it. i want to go to john in alaska. john. >> caller: what's up? boo-yah, jim cramer, from alaska. what's up, buddy? >> i don't know, man. it's the land of the sometime sun here. what have you got? >> caller: we've got snow all over the mountains here, bro. >> fantastic. >> caller: tell me about esk. >> i think the yield's safe. i would love to see the ceo on. 10% safe. but i think -- alaska communications has been a stock i've liked for many years. i'm not backing away from it. i want to take one more. i want to go to tim in california. tim. >> caller: cramer. sunny san diego boo-yah. >> i got rivers. he didn't help me in the fantasy league. i'm kind of predisposed against you. but go ahead. >> caller: tell me about citigroup, symbol t. >> now i'm liking you because as much as i don't like my fantasy football team i do like the team running citigroup. and that stock has withstood a tremendous amount of selling from a 9% shareholder. and the stock took a licking, like timex, and kept on ticking. i think citi, the book value's 5.60. i think it trades 90
. alaska radio host, huffington post contributor shannyn moore in alaska. great thanks, shannyn. >> always a pleasure, keith. >>> now to emphasize a point we noted last week in all of the hysteria over white house czars, the right is forgetting it invented the white house czar. incidentally to celebrate her first anniversary on the air, thanks for the shirt, ladies and gentlemen, here's rachel maddow. good evening, my friend. congratulations. >> thank you very much, keith. that looks very, very, very nice on you. you know how hard i had to fight to make sure it wasn't going to be yankee pinstripes? >> who wanted yankee pinstripes as oppose to the gaudy alternative red sox uniform color that you happen to boy coincidence to pick out? >> see, i just said i want something that looks commey. >> notice i'm wearing it and you're not. once again, that's the story of my life right there. all right. have a good show. >> thank you very much, keith. >>> and thank you at home for staying with us for the last year and for the next hour, we hope. we enthusiastically begin our second year on the tv machi
. but still, the offer based on former alaska governor sarah palin. we'll have a sneak preview. now back to the sauce. add a little bit of seasoning, just a little bit of seasoning. rachel. ( door slams ) well, today's lesson-- the importance of durable kohler cast iron sinks. and honesty is the best policy. kohler cast iron sinks. now your card comes with a way to plan for what matters to you. introducing blueprint. blueprint is free and only for chase customers. it lets you choose what purchases you want to pay in full to avoid interest...with full pay. and those you split... you decide how to pay over time. if having a plan matters. chase what matters. create your own blueprint at >>> several former directors of the cia are urging president obama to use his power to stop a criminal investigation targeting cia interrogators. in a letter to the president, the former directors of central intelligence asked him to reverse attorney general eric holder's decision to reopen the criminal investigation of cia interrogations that took place following the 9/11 attacks. they
to russia. now freed from her pesky day job, the ex governor of alaska uses her coming out speech to while on foreign soil rail against the president. a number one story, ex governor palin shares her world view and hints at her political future. maybe she can see 2012 from her podium. close to the press, now governor palin has daned to post an excerpt on her facebook page, slamming the defense budget. we need to go back to fiscal discipline, and unfortunately that has not been the view of the current administration. though we are engaged in two wars, it is the defense budget that has been reduced from current levels. palin also disparaging the u.s. policy toward china. today the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee congressman howard burrman saying, leaving aside the propriety of crediticizing the government, ignoring disagreement with china is flat wrong. and after palin explained fake euthanasia to a roomful of bankers as opposed to youth in asia, it was time for tea parties and her own unemployment status. it's part of a growing grass roots consciousness among ordinary ameri
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